Delete files that you don’t have permissions too.

I was running into a issue where i wasn’t able to delete a directory in Windows Explorer or in PowerShell and i go this pesky message Image with the remove-item cmdlet. It was a file on a file server that i was full enterprise admin on! So I thought i would share my easy method to get rid of files and folders that you do not have said permissions for.


1) Create a folder called “Windows.old”

2) Move files that cannot be deleted into that folder

3) Run Disk Cleanup in Start – All Program – Accessories – System Tools (or Search in the Start menu)

4)Choose the drive where the Windows.old file is located and click OK

5) Check the “Previous Windows Installations” box and click OK


Note that you can also Rename the Folder you want to delete to “Windows.old” instead of making a new folder


One thought on “Delete files that you don’t have permissions too.

  1. Back in the early 90’s I used an operating system that had a programming error, where if you placed a folder on the desktop, opened the folder, and created a new folder in that first folder. Then open the second folder and dragged the first folder into the second folder, both folders would disappear. It isn’t possible to drag a folder into it’s own folder now-a-days. The systems have gotten way too smart for that.

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